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There’s no denying that taking long road trips with your car, in any season, can be an exciting journey. Some multiple locations and sights can make your trip truly worth the effort, time & money, which is being spent. But, before you take your vehicle out on a long road trip, there are certain essential things to be wary of.

Lack of car maintenance or poor planning can truly derail your trip excitement, which is why we’re suggesting some of the ideal tips & tricks that will help your vehicle get road-ready easily.

Car Maintenance Fundamentals To Get Your Vehicle Road Trip Ready

The Brakes

The braking system of your vehicle forms one of the most vital features. But, according to professional car inspection services in Auckland, the vehicle braking system can overheat due to constant usage, thereby putting you at risk, especially if you’ve not serviced your car over an extended period.

Thus, ensure that your vehicle brakes are in good condition before you decide to hop into your car for the trip. You’ll never know what type of conditions that you may encounter on the road.

Some of the signs that will tell you that your vehicle brakes need maintenance are – grinding, squeaking, sponginess and making your steering wheel shake.

The Tyres

If you want to avoid a scenario where you have to deal with a flat tyre on the road, then it’s better to check your vehicle tyres before you head out for your journey. The process of tyre checking will consist of the following actions:

  • Tyre wear – In this case the tyre wear pattern will be checked whether the wear is even or uneven. If the tyre tread is not deep enough, then you cannot depend on the tyre for a long road journey because the tyre will not be able to provide enough traction.
  • Tyre Pressure – If your tyre is under or over-inflated, then it can lead to premature wear & tear, over-heating, bumpy ride and even blowouts. Thus, tyre pressure must be set to recommended limits suggested by the car manufacturer. You can find the same in your vehicle user manual.

Besides, you also have to look for any tyre misalignment, which will take a toll on the fuel efficiency as well as the tyre wear & tear.

The Fluids

According to a reliable company offering transmission service in Auckland, you must check all fluid levels before leaving your home for the journey. The major fluid levels that you have to check are:

  • Brake fluid
  • Engine oil
  • Power steering fluid
  • Transmission fluid
  • Antifreeze
  • Windscreen washer fluid

Lastly, we hope you have a safe & enjoyable road trip.

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