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Most cars presently have auto transmission systems. It will be available in some form that most people don’t know about. There are variations to the auto transmissions too. Auto transmissions help drivers to drive cars without worrying about gear shifting. With increasing speeds, the cars tend to change their gears. Further, on older cars, the transmission was completely manual where people used to change the gears.

With automatic transmissions, the car does it automatically. Also, since it is done on its own, Transmission repairs in Auckland are so common. With repairing of the gears, it provides a good driving experience. Also, the drivers can concentrate better on the roads. They don’t have to worry about shifting gears every second.

Benefits Of Automatic Transmissions In Cars

  • Easier to use
    Cars having automatic transmissions are easier to deal with. Drivers don’t have to think much about changing gears. These are found in modern cars. The cars shift the gears automatically with a change in speeds. It requires transmission fluids for the controlling power.There is an oil pump for keeping the transmission fluid under pressure. You can control all the clutches using the oil pump. Driving becomes comfortable and the drivers can cover long distances easily.
  • Safe
    Automatic transmissions are very safe. They reduce the gears in case of traffic. With manual one, the drivers must keep one hand on the gear and the other on the steering. In the case of automatic, the drivers are free to use both hands for driving the cars.The drivers can focus on the roads and think of what’s going on in front of them. These are best in distracting areas.
  • Less Cost
    You must put it with an initial higher cost but it works for a longer time. Furthermore, automatic cars rely on torque converters for switching the gears. Car owners speed up more easily than manual cars.Also, driving these cars is so much more enjoyable than the manual ones. Switching gears and clutches becomes a nice experience. There is sync between them and you don’t have to worry about gears anymore. Further to note that WOF in Auckland is recommended to be also done on time.

Signs that Automatic Transmissions need to be changed?

  • Making of noises
    If the vehicle is making grinding or another kind of noise, it’s time to change the transmission. Keeping the problems unresolved will lead to extensive damage to the transmission in the later stage.
  • Getting off a burning smell
    One of the common symptoms you will find is the burning smell. Excessive overheating of transmission leads to the burnt toast smell.
  • Leaks in the cars
    If the car is having low fluid levels, then it has been leaking its fuel. You must constantly keep a check on that. It’s best to flush or change the transmission as soon as possible.


If the drivers notice the transmission change, they must do it immediately. If the cars have low transmission fluid, there will be less operation by the cars. Automatic transmission is so beneficial only if you know how to use it properly.

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