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Oil & Filter Change Services in Auckland

An oil and filter change service for your vehicle is the most common car servicing you can ask for. A simple process of draining existing oil and replacing a funnelled oil filter takes around 20-30 minutes of your time and can keep your vehicle running smoothly for hundreds of kilometres.Never forget the brilliant job that modern engine oil does when it comes to keeping your car engine alive and kicking. But when driving your hoopty around the country, this oil doesn’t last forever and needs replacing from time to time. If not replaced at the right time, the engine stops performing optimally which can cause damage due to friction produced by the moving parts.Stop your engine from dying early with regular oil and filter change.

Vehicle Oil & Filter Change Workshop in Auckland

Is your car shaking too much while idle? Or is your car exhaust blowing out more smoke than usual? If yes, then it might be time to bring your car to our vehicle oil and filter change workshop in Auckland.Our expert car mechanics are fully trained in figuring out the right kind of oil for any make and model of car in the market. Having gained perfection in the process of draining our existing oil and replacing it with the right kind, our car mechanics know just how to service your car for the best performance. Bring your car to the ZOYZ Auto Service shop in Auckland and we’ll take care of all your oil and filter change problems.

How do you know you need an oil change?

While the age of your vehicle is a factor when it comes to frequent oil changes, other signs let you know when your car requires it.
  • More vehicle exhaust
  • Reducing oil level in-vehicle dashboard
  • Check engine oil
  • Guttural engine noises
  • Dark Oil texture and colour
  • Excessive car shaking in neutral

How often should you change the oil in your car in Auckland?

With the new vehicles working on modern lubricants these days, a car can run up to 5000-8000 kilometres without needing an oil or filter change. But to be on the safe side, experts recommend that after every 4000 kilometres, you should at least get your car checked for issues relating to degrading engine oil.

How much does an oil change cost Auckland?

A standard 4-litre oil change costs around $50 - $70 in Auckland. Added to the fact that more often than not an oil change requires a filter change as well - which costs somewhere between $17 - $20, the whole engine oil and filter change service costs around $90 for a car.

How long does a car service take in Auckland?

One of the easiest commitments for a car service is an engine oil change and filter replacement. It typically takes only 30-40 minutes for an experienced car mechanic to change your oil filter and refill it with the right choice of engine oil. The only part that takes a bit of time is draining the existing oil and then changing the oil filter.



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