Suspension and Steering

Suspension and Steering


Suspension problems can occur in situations such as driving into potholes, driving around cornered roads and driving on uneven surfaces. If you have an issue with your suspension and steering come to us and we will be sure to fix your problems.

Suspension signs:
  • Bouncy rides
  • Vehicle taking longer to brake
  • Tapping noises while turning
  • Uneven tyre threads
  • Vehicle leans to one side while driving

If you feel your steering wheel has become stiff or hard to turn you may have an issue that needs to be resolved immediately. We all know that drivers must be able to swift from side to side smoothly and easily. In order for this your steering systems must be in clean shape. Our experts and technicians can perform your steering repair and get it back to you in no time. At ZOYZ we use specialised equipment and ensure you the perfect control over your car.

Signs of steering issues:
  • Steering vibrations
  • Stiffness of the wheel
  • Tyres shaking
  • Leakage
  • Steering slips
  • Noises while turning the wheel
At ZOYZ auto services we provide:
  • Ball Joint Replacements
  • All Bushing Replacements
  • Sway Bar Links
  • Steering Reconditioning and Replacements
  • Tyre Rod End
  • Power Steering pumps
  • Fluid Pressure Pumps
  • Shocks and Strut Replacement

Contact us on 09-2770391 for any further enquiries and we will help you as soon as we can.



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