What Does A Car Service Include In Auckland?

The most crucial aspect of car servicing is the oil change, followed by oil filter and air filter replacement. Coolant flush should be done at alternate service, whereas wheel alignment and balancing are done when necessary. To ensure fresh air flow inside the cabin, it is important to change the cabin filter regularly. Oil change, oil filter, air filter, wheel alignment

How Often Should I Service My Car?

You should service your car as per the user manual. As a rule of thumb, you should change oil and other critical consumables once a year or after 6000 miles - whichever is earlier. Failing to keep up with recommended car servicing intervals can lead to expensive repairs down the road, which is neither good for your car nor your wallet.

How Much Does It Cost For A Full Car Servicing?

The average cost for car servicing in New Zealand lies between $150 and $250. Keep in mind that these numbers represent family hatchbacks and sedans that you regularly see on the road. The service cost for high-end coupe, SUVs and sports cars can go a lot higher than this.

Is An Oil Change Considered A Part Of Car Servicing?

An oil change is one aspect of a comprehensive car service routine. In any vehicle service job, changing engine oil alone won’t guarantee a smooth driving experience. You will also have to take into account other jobs including filter change, coolant change, brake fluid top-off, wheel alignment and many more depending on where your car is at in its journey.

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