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Car Breakdowns

Car breakdowns on highways and freeways are not uncommon. The situation can be particularly stressful and painstaking if on the road, unfamiliar with the place or unable to maximise the space between your 4-wheeler and traffic.

Did you know that rash driving or rushing to the service station might use-up your fuel faster and cause overheating? One should never ignore their ailing car as it could damage the engine and require expensive repairs in the long run.

Instead of collecting contacts for roadside assistance or tow companies on your cellphone, it’s wiser to follow a routine for car servicing/maintenance. Though you never know when your vehicle might betray your upkeep efforts, awareness of some best practices can help extend its life.

1. Maintain the car battery

You can increase your car’s battery life by making it a habit to:

  • 1. turn the ignition off at traffic signals
  • 2. switch off lights after parking
  • 3. kill lights inside the car when not using
  • 4. schedule periodical checkup

Most modern cars, especially hybrids and XUVs, are outcomes of technological genius! They rely on constant battery power to run sophisticated systems like GPS. These high-functioning machines need regular diagnostics and inspections for Warrant of Fitness or WOF in Auckland to keep running smoothly.

Although new automobiles don’t require drivers to crank the engine before they start driving, keeping your car battery in good health has never been more important.

2. Change engine oil periodically

Like most things, motor oil degrades over time. Due to chemical action, heat and pressure, whether the car is used or sitting idle for a long time, the oil disintegrates and collects harmful particles. The impurities must be removed, ASAP. Get an oil change in Auckland to maintain the health and longevity of your car.

One should not ignore the engine oil light. During regular cleaning and dusting, they should check if oil is leaking or dripping from the vehicle. If this happens on the road, pull over to avoid accidents or a sudden breakdown.

3. Keep a healthy combination of clutch, accelerator and brake

Avoid driving on bad roads as one tends to go hard on the brake, clutch and accelerator for better control. Frequent misuse of these 3 parts can result in damaged brake pads and clutch components.

Avoid deliberately skidding your hatchback because it can’t handle the friction of a sports car!

4. Check the car tyres

Car tyres naturally lose air over time. So one should make it a habit to also check the wheel pressure when filling air. Visit a shop for proper assessment that involves lifting a car off the ground to inspect the tyres for imbalance, wear and tear.

One should not risk losing grip on the road or driving on wet or sandy surfaces with punctured tyres. Covering long distances to avoid a sudden breakdown might raise the engine temperature and reduce the water level.

5. Schedule car servicing

When learning to maintain a car, you must pay attention to details to avoid missing out on warning signs. Routine maintenance may seem expensive at first, but the investment is worth preventing sudden car breakdowns in difficult situations. Experts conduct checks for road safety and longevity of the automobile. Periodic car servicing keeps your ride in good shape.


Although a car breakdown can happen in any situation, the 5 best practices mentioned in this article can help reduce the likelihood.

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