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The staggering number of car accidents in New Zealand is a major source of concern for the people residing in the country. With more than 300 people injured and killed in 2022 and with the numbers increasing every year, every vehicle owner must abide by certain rules and regulations to ensure the safety of themselves and their cars. One of the ways accidents can be prevented is through scheduling proper checks for your vehicles by professionals. In this blog we will discuss some 5 tips or safety measures every car owner should follow.

Here are the 5 important methods you can abide by:

Conduct Regular Maintenance of Your Vehicle

One of the most important things to maintain your vehicle’s health is to ensure its regular maintenance. The wear and tear of the engine or various other issues can significantly impact the proper functioning of the car.

With regular servicing, you can increase the longevity of your vehicle and keep it in a far better condition. You can elevate your car’s fuel efficiency as well as increase the value of your car. Consult with a professional mechanic in Manukau to make sure your vehicle is updated and upgraded regularly.

Maintain Warrant of Fitness Checks

Fitness inspections help in understanding if your car is roadworthy. From checking the lights of your car to the condition of its doors and hinges, tyre, windshield, safety belt, as well as steering and suspension, everything is thoroughly checked to make this inspection important.

Your fuel system and your airbags, along with other elements that ensure the proper functioning of your car, are also evaluated in this fitness check. When your vehicle ticks off all the factors in the inspection list, you are given a warrant of fitness Auckland.

Practice Safe Driving 

Driving requires proper practice, and you must follow the fundamentals of safe driving. When driving, you need to stay focused and aware of the cars around you. Remember to check your mirrors and always wear your seat belt.

Never engage in drunk driving and try to retrieve items that are on the floor while driving the car. Abide by the rules mentioned by the New Zealand police, which can help you eliminate accidents and maintain your safety on the road.

Share the Road

It is important to remember that when driving, you are also sharing the road with other drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. Look out for other vehicles and passer-by and maintain a safe distance to make sure you, as well as the other party, is safe.

Pay special attention to highways and make sure to stay out of blind spots or no zones. Be sure to reduce your speed when crossing a cyclist or if the road is narrow, or if you are crossing an intersection.

Purchase a Relevant Insurance Coverage

Having car insurance is not compulsory in New Zealand. However, it surely helps you in case you are in an accident, or you have to cover the damage caused to any other vehicle. Apart from accidents, your car insurance can also cover fire damage, repairs, or accidental damage caused due to natural disasters.


Thus, if you own a vehicle, you need to follow certain measures to ensure proper road safety. Always remember to drive defensively and follow the traffic rules to maintain the safety of you and your loved ones as well as your vehicle.

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