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What Zoyz Auto Services Guarantee?

At Zoyz Auto Services, we guarantee the quality and craftsmanship of our parts. Suppose any new part we supply is found to be defective or misfitted during the warranty period. In that case, Zoyz Auto Services takes responsibility for replacing or correcting such parts at no cost. This guarantee provided by us is valid across our stores in New Zealand and is subject to our General Terms & Conditions, which can be viewed on our website (https://zoyzautoservices.co.nz/warranty-and-disclaimer/). Besides this guarantee, you can also refer to our General Terms and Conditions on our website. 

Warranty period

  • Used parts (including but not limited to brakes, suspension, exhaust and engine) – 3 months warranty or 10000 km (whichever gets completed first) on a complete long block. However, the engine replacement warranty will be void if taken elsewhere for repairs.
  • New parts (including but not limited to brakes, suspension, exhaust and engine) – 12 months warranty for aftermarket / OEM new parts; the vehicle will be inspected before replacement of faulty parts.
  • Engine rebuilds are covered for – 3 months, or 10000 km only (whichever gets completed first). Rebuilds are covered for parts only, with no labour.

Please note there are conditions to the Zoyz Auto Services Guarantee:

Zoyz Auto Services offers a Guarantee on all our services. However, there are conditions to this Guarantee. 

First, your vehicle and parts must be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. This includes using recommended fuels, fluids and parts. 

Second, your vehicle must not be misused, neglected or used in competitions or racing events. 

If you experience a problem with your vehicle, you must notify Zoyz Auto Services and bring the vehicle in for repair as soon as possible.

Other Limitations To Zoyz Auto Services Guarantee

The Zoyz Auto Services Guarantee is not valid for/ if:

Service & maintenance items (lubricants, fluids, wipers, brake linings, bulbs, etc.) unless a manufacturing defect is apparent.

Brake linings, clutches, tyres, etc., are subject to normal wear and tear. These parts are not covered unless there is a manufacturing defect.

Customer-supplied parts:

Any parts or accessories which were not part of your vehicle at the time of service/part installation by us.

If the vehicle has been modified after the repair has been completed.

Expenses for loss of use of the vehicle unless a manufacturing defect is apparent.

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