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Car is not just a one-time investment – it comes with many other responsibilities and recurring expenses ranging from fuel to spare parts to maintenance. However, most people compromise on their cars’ quality by either giving them to uncertified mechanics or not getting them serviced at all. You should never forget the amount of money and effort you have put into buying that car and ensure that you find a reliable and trusted car mechanic shop for its service. Now you will say, “There is not just one car mechanic near me; there are thousands. How to decide which one is the best?” That’s what this blog is for.

Here is a list of six effective tips that you should keep in mind while picking a trusted automobile shop for your car servicing and transmission repairs in Auckland:

  • Lay some groundwork: When making a list of car repair shops near you, it is better to do some homework before you start evaluating them based on parameters like quality of service, prices, level of repairs, etc. You can visit these shops or ask your friends and family about their experiences. This way, you’ll know who your close ones trust for their car’s maintenance service.
  • Licenses: Avoid giving your cars to unscrupulous and inexperienced mechanics just to save some extra money. Before you give your car, do a thorough check on the mechanic, and ensure they are experienced enough to do the job. Make sure that the mechanic is certified and has the required licenses, so you don’t get into any problems in the future.
  • Online reviews: The best way to check the credibility of any car mechanic is to go online and see what other people are saying about them. You can also post questions online about the costs incurred, problems faced, and service level. People love to narrate their experiences online, which is why online ratings are the most authentic and valuable way to discover car mechanics’ history.
  • Price Estimate: While comparing different car mechanics, get a price estimate from the ones you have shortlisted, and pick the one which offers you the best price. Also, check if these car mechanics provide discounts or warranties on spare parts. You must get the best maintenance service for your car, but make sure you don’t end up overspending in the name of quality.
  • Additional facilities: There can be days when you want to give your car for service, but you don’t have the time to drop it at the facility, or you want to sit in a lounge and wait until your car’s service is done. Having extra perks and benefits is always lovely – check if the mechanic provides pick-up and drop services or if they have a waiting room.
  • Visit the mechanics: Lastly, once you have the final list of the mechanics you pick from, it is better you visit the shops yourself and ask questions to evaluate their credibility and transparency. You can ask questions like how long it will take to get the service done, their pricing, what equipment they use for the repairs, etc.

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